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I looked into Homai’s photography and tried to work it into my primary research.

Interview 2 - Promenade Farmers market

These are the interview notes that I copied up from the interview that I had with the owners of the promenade stand in Cheltenham

Where do you get your stuff from?

Its all grown on our farm, so it’s all grown fresh and not bought in at all

Do you make your preserves by yourself?

No my brother actually makes the jam

How long have you been doing this?

Well personally I have been doing it for 10 years, but the farm itself has been going for 12 years, since 1988

So are you here every week?

We’re here every fortnight

But we do lots of farmers market per week, so today the farm has 3 markets on, tomorrow another 3 and then 4 on Sunday

So you have lots of markets in different cities?

In different locations yep

What’s your top selling veg?

This time of year its the pruple sprouting broccoli

And the plum orchard

Are you from Cheltenham yourself?

I’m from evesham, so yeah quite close by

Have you been to University?

I’m at Uni now yeah, I have fridays off, so I’m dragged in to help here. I’m at leicester Uni studying Geography

So you come back on Fridays to help out?

Yes, well once a month because it clashes with other markets on today

Do you enjoy doing this?

Yeah really enjoy it, it’s great being able to interact with customers as well. Like this is cablo-nero, but people look at it and say what’s that?

So I can tell them what it is and how to cook it. They then come back and tell me different recipes and what they do that works well.

How much do you make in a day?

It’s very variable on the season

Winter can be £80 to £500. Cheltenham is very average

Chipping norton is our biggest though we make a lot there.

Are you looking to carry on doing this for a while longer?

My family are but I don’t think that i will when I graduate

Our aim is to keep it in the family. But another market criticised us for having such young people on the stalls, I’m 20 and my brother is nearly 22. But if we were to get people that are older than us then they wouldn’t be so involved in the farm. So it would cost us more money and they wouldn’t be as involved in the farm, so they wouldn’t know as much. The whole point of farmers markets is the farmer selling their goods

And the money that you make from it does that get invested back into the farm?

Yes it’s mostly just invested in the farm

Do you have any livestock on the farm?

No it’s purely just fruit and veg. Well we do, but it’s just for personal consumption its not selling

Do you make the same amount of money on average in cheltenham throughout the year?

Well it varies on the season

And you’re studying Geography, in your second year?

Yes in my second year yeah

Do you enjoy it?

Yeah I love it! I love everything from sustainability to food conservation

I would love to become self sufficient!

Yes we have only been able to become self sufficient in the last 20 years really. And we are able to get all of our extras like wheat from down the road.

Do you ever help out on the farm?

Yes, last year at Uni my bedroom got turned into a tomato farm! And I love everything from planting crops to harvesting. My room actually had a green house in it! I help more in the summer. But helping at the stall is my main part.

Its just fun then?

Yeah and my dad just loves it. That’s why he does it. Not for the money

So your dad doesn’t have another job?

No he just works on the farm.

And does your mum have a job?

Well she just does part-time accounting really

What do your friends think of what you do?

They love it! My friend is in Cheltenham so she has been over to visit the stall which was great. She was like “I have learnt so much this morning just by being here” Yeah and after the end of the day I can take it all back home to Uni. They really enjoy all of the free food

What’s the farm called?

Styan Family produce. 

And we get a lot of people who want something like Solariac but because they don’t know what it looks like, and just want it for a specific recipe, they don’t even know it’s there even though it’s right under their nose.

Interview 1 - Lower High Street Market

This is the first interview that I did, for the first bunch of photo’s that I took. I got a photojournalist to help me get it all together.

  • There were never closed pubs in london, in the west end they were too busy everyday
  • I lived in the cambridge arms in tottenham
  • I do go up to london but it’s very rare
  • Its a cosmopolitan london
  • I went to middlesex hospital
  • hernia operation
  • within six months it came back again
  • came down here (cheltenham) and betty and I, my wife and I, did 85 years between us in whitbreads. Betty worked in the laboratory
  • Chisel street used to be the brewery, they had 200 pubs
  • They sold the lot and with the ground, going back 45 years, they sold the ground for £1000 a foot!
  • So coming down here, and as for pension I have been getting it from whitbreads
  • Whitbreads is now a catering company
  • I’m 89 years old now
  • Is the swimming pool still as high bury?
  • I used to do a mile a day in that pool in 25 minutes, they do it 15 mins now.

These are the photos that I have taken for the second piece of primary research, where I found a girl selling vegetables on a stall on the promenade. It was really interesting learning about how she is at University but still comes back every month to help her Dad at the stall there.


I need to write up transcripts of the two conversations that I have had, which will take some time but is definitely worth it!


I have really enjoyed using Instagram to take my photos! This technique really makes the photos look amazing. The use of iPhone photography is something that really interests me! I think I will look into some of this to see if it’s something I could use…

Starting my primary research is really important. I am writing this blog post after having done a lot more than just this photo…

…I found these men, on the lower end of the high street. They are here every week. I chatted to the ‘guv’na’ as one of the men called him, and was given permission to take some photos and interview one of them!

After taking this photo (I have taken many more) I decided to look further at experimenting with Homai Vyarawalla’s style of photography, which I will post later.

Found him!

I managed to find another option for my primary research, whilst getting rejected by the chinese guys. I was determined to find someone! I chose to chat to the men at the market as I thought it would be really interesting to see what they do…do they have stalls around other cities? Where do they get their fruit from? 

Rejection is bitter!

I have never been so rejected! I was really looking forward to going and chatting the the two chaps who own this small garage. They weren’t having any of it. So I will have to look for someone else who looks interesting…


© Homai Vyarawalla, 1940s-1950s, The First Lady of Indian Press Photography

India’s first woman press photographer Homai Vyarawalla, who passed away January 15, 2012 at the age of 98, captured the last days of the British Empire in India. Her work also traces the birth and growth of a new nation. The story of Homai’s life and her professional career spans an entire century of Indian history.

Working for the British Information Service, Homai was allowed access to Indian leaders, a level of contact granted to a cherished few. She recounted her fascination with the process of photography, the camera, the developing and the printing during her years at the Sir J.J. School of Art in Bombay, where she studied painting. Realizing her potential, she quickly took to photography and the first few photographs that she took were published in the Illustrated Weekly and the Bombay Chronicle under her husband’s name. This set off a lifetime of work in a largely male dominated field, where Homai spent most of her time in a crisp cotton saree with her large hand-held camera.

“I didn’t like those flimsy sort of saris flying around in the wind and always used a safety pin to hold my sari in place. I wore white and cream khaddar saris for work and silk saris for evening functions at the Gymkhana Club or at Rashtrapati Bhawan. The silk ones would often spread out, getting caught in the legs of photographers and tear. I always carried safety pins with me to tack them up in case that happened.” (Homai Vyarawalla)

#1: Pandit Nehru releasing a dove, a sign of peace at a public function at the National Stadium in New Delhi, 1950s

#2: Mahatma Gandhi’s body at Birla House. Sardar Patel, Nehru, Mountbatten, Baldev Singh, and Gandhi’s son Ramdas are seen in the picture, 1948

#3: The Dalai Lama in ceremonial dress leads the mount down from the high border pass into India. Directly behind him is the Panchen Lama. They were both wearing gold brocade gowns and jeweled gold hats. Homai documented for Time Life magazine, the first crossing of the young Dalai Lama who came through the Nathu La pass, in north Sikkim, in 1956

#4: Homai with her smaller Speed Graphic camera on her shoulder

“I started clicking photographs at the age of 13 in Bombay with a box camera in 1926 and I shot my last photograph in 1970, 40 years ago. Since then, I have not touched the lens. But I am aware of the drifts in press photography down the decades,” Vyarawalla had told IANS in an interview.


De Stijl styled houses are simply heavenly to me.. 

De Stijl Dutch for “The Style”, also known as neoplasticism, was a Dutchartistic movement founded in 1917.

End of the Newspapers!

So thats the end of the newspapers for now. I have many more from the past I could look at, but feel I should analyse this lot first. Whilst also looking into some other strands…

Shockingly, the gymnastics team has to fund themselves. They have however taken 23.100 points but still need 45.223. They seem to be doing well. I found it interesting how they are not funded, but so many others sports are.

De Stijl

I saw something on Tumblr Radar. This picture where some guy illustrated the De Stijl of Tumblr and Facebook. Really interesting, really inspiring. Another strand to look at in my research!

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